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Mesquite Groundwater Conservation District

Our Mission:

Mesquite Groundwater Conservation District ®  802 9th St, Wellington, TX  79095, Phone (844) 445-2800, Fax (806) 419-1035
The District is committed to developing, promoting, and implementing water conservation, augmentation, and management strategies to protect groundwater resources for the present and future benefit of the citizens, economy, and environment of the District according to Chapters 36, 51 and 52 of the Texas Water Code.

  • Permits
  • Water Level Measurements
  • Water Wasting Investigation
  • Water Quality Testing

Our Next Board Meeting: 

April 1, 2021

The Proposed 2021 Desired Future Conditions
and Draft Explanatory Report for Groundwater Management Area Six is available here.

The comment period runs for ninety days from May 7, 2021. Comments may be submitted to the District in writing, by fax, or by email.
Tax Code Section 26.18 Posting (Click Here)
The District is seeking a person to serve in a multi-faceted role. The ideal candidate will have excellent office skills and experience leading youth and adult education programs. A love of the outdoors and the environment is required. Interested applicants should email a resume to manager@mesquitegcd.org addressed to Lynn Smith, General Manager. The position is open until filled.